Are you looking for tasty food and a great view of Illuminations on your next trip to EPCOT? Look no further than Spice Road Table.

Theme & Ambiance – 7.5 out of 10 points

spice-road-table-gallery07Spice Road Table is surprisingly easy to miss (though not as easy to miss as Restaurant Marrakesh which is tucked way in the back of the Morocco pavilion) while walking around EPCOT. Though easy to miss, it’s right on the water of the lagoon in Morocco and surprisingly big due to it having indoor and outdoor seating.

The waiting room is cute and has some nice Moroccan touches, and the outdoor seating area was very nice, too. There is only so much you can do decoration wise when you’re outside, but it had a great view of the lagoon in front of us, and is a prime place to people watch as guests stroll by behind you. Long story short, we really enjoyed the view and the location even if it was not hugely themed. It’s also a great place to make reservations for right before Illuminations if you’re looking for good seats and good eats during the show.

Menu & Food – 8 out of 10 points

spice-road-table-gallery00The menu has a few entrees but mostly consists of small plates (tapas) that you can order a bunch of- which is exactly what Leslie and I did. We ordered the sausage, brie, and shrimp and we thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Each plate had great flavor but all enjoyed their own uniqueness. Great for people who like a little variety, and it was great to nibble on a number of delicious tapas while we waited for Illuminations to start.

Extra Credit – 3.5 out of 5 points

These things don’t deserve their own paragraph (usually) but could still be point-worthy tidbits. Each item is worth -1 to 1 points, which means places can actually lose points here!

  • Service: Nothing to write home about. (+ 0 points)
  • Ideal environment for: Couples (+ 0.5 points)
  • Dessert: We tried the Baklava and it was delicious. (+ 1 points)
  • Location: Great for people watching or viewing Illuminations. (+ 1 points)
  • Will return on future visit: Almost definitely, especially for Illuminations viewing. (+1 points)

Spice Road Table Total Score:
19 out of 25 points

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