Yak & Yeti is one of only a few table service restaurants in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World so we were excited to give it a try on our last visit. Did we see any Yetis while we were in there? Come find out…

Theme & Ambiance – 8.5 out of 10 points

yak-and-yeti-restaurant-00Yak & Yeti is tucked in between the Asia and Africa lands in Animal Kingdom. As with everything else in Animal Kingdom, it’s themed nicely on the outside and on the inside. On the outside, it seems like you’re entering a legit tavern restaurant hidden in the Himalayas. When you get inside, it has a nice, warm atmosphere which mixes rustic Asian culture with what feels like old-world elegance.

The restaurant itself is deceptively big! The waiting room is kind of small but once you’re walking to your table there is plenty of space inside and even an upstairs area where we sat! There were lots of cool trinkets and posters throughout the restaurant that you got to explore with your eyes while you dine.

Menu & Food – 7.5 out of 10 points

Yak and Yeti foodThe menu here is perhaps one of the biggest of all the Disney World restaurants. Lots of options to pick from, so in that regard Yak & Yeti gets high marks. My heart wanted the Baby Back Ribs, but I had already enjoyed beef at my last 4-5 Disney World dining experiences and needed a break. I switched it up a bit and enjoyed the Crispy Honey Chicken while my fiancee enjoyed the Tempura Shrimp (I think she had seafood for every table-service meal during our trip).

We each agreed that the food was OK, but not mouth-watering in the way that Disney dishes often are at table service restaurants. Part of me wonders if not getting the Baby Back Ribs biased my palate from the get-go, so I am going to be a bit forgiving on the total score here (taking some of the blame myself).

Extra Credit – 1.5 out of 5 points

These things don’t deserve their own paragraph (usually) but could still be point-worthy tidbits. Each item is worth -1 to 1 points, which means places can actually lose points here!

  • Service: We actually were not that impressed with our server. (+ 0 points)
  • Ideal environment for: Big parties with varied tastes who need a bigger menu. (+ .5 points)
  • Dessert: We did not indulge. (+ 0 points)
  • Location: Located within equal distance from the Tree of Life, Asia, and Africa, so pretty good. (+ 1 points)
  • Will return on future visit: Probably not- would rather try Tiffins when it opens in 2016. (+0 points)

Yak & Yeti Total Score:
17.5 out of 25 points

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