Disney has announced a Summer Meal Offer promotion for 2016 at Walt Disney World. It does not quite have the same pizzazz as the more famous Fall Free Dining Promotions, but it could still save you some coin given how pricey Quick Service Meals can still be.

It is scheduled to be available for booking from January 19 through February 29, 2016 for the following travel dates:

  • May 29 – June 30, 2016
  • July 5 – August 13, 2016

To qualify for this offer, guests must:

  • Purchase a 4-night/5-day room and ticket package, with at least 2-day tickets for each person in the room. This should apply to all Value Resorts except the Little Mermaid rooms at Art of Animation (and campsites).

They have not technically revealed what constitutes a free meal, but if it is the same as other dining promotions, it would be an entree+side, dessert, and non-alcoholic beverage. At first this promotion may sound some what lackluster, especially if you’re used to the awesome free dining in Fall, BUT, if you consider a quick service meal can easily be $15-20 per person, then on a 5-day trip you’d save about $75-$100 per person for the trip. Not too shabby, and likely a better ROI than some of the standard room discounts at the time.

This does seem kind of random, however, to offer a promotion during the busiest time of the year. My guess is perhaps they’re worried all the recent closures will lead to people pushing their trips back a bit, or taking the opportunity to finally sneak over to Universal Orlando and check out Harry Potter for the first time.


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