Right off the bat let’s agree on one thing: Walt Disney World is NOT for everyone. I totally get that, and honestly, if it really isn’t your thing then I don’t want to convince you to go… because then you may just end up ruining my trip! But, there are complaints that I hear all the time from people who haven’t been there, or who have been there but had a bad experience and wrote Disney World off entirely. Today I’d like to debunk a few of the criticisms that I consider unfair…

Disney World is only for kids

This is probably the hardest one to swallow especially from people who haven’t been there. Disney World, at its core, is about imagination, fun, escaping into an immersive world of make believe, and (hopefully) forgetting the outside world for a while. Any adult who has a full time job (or even those that don’t) should be able to appreciate this! Some adults may enjoy escaping to a ball game or a NASCAR race more than Disney World, but it’s basically the same principle. And, this segues nicely into my next unfair criticism…

The only stuff to do there is for kids

Yes, there are kid things at Disney World, and if you aren’t a kid, then in many ways you can probably skip half the park’s attractions. But, what about the other half? The super fun, super themed roller coasters like Space Mountain or Thunder Mountain? Are you an adult Star Wars fan? Well, how about racing around that galaxy on Star Tours? Or, maybe you like swirling around upside down while a little Rock N’ Roll blares… then how about Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster? This is literally a tiny subset of the adult rides within Disney World. And they’re all a blast! And that’s just the rides which, once again, is a nice segue to my next unfair criticism….

victoria and albertsI don’t want to eat junk food or carnival food all day

There is plenty of junk food and carnival food, yes, but there are almost 50 restaurants on the Disney World property that feature adult buffets or are signature, fine dining restaurants. In fact, the #1 restaurant in Orlando according to TripAdvisor is Victoria & Albert’s, the very swanky restaurant at the Grand Floridian Hotel. Five others (six total, including Victoria & Albert’s again) are on Zagat’s list of best Orlando restaurants. Quite simply, there is plenty of delicious, adult food to enjoy at Disney World. Quick protip, though: be sure to make advanced dining reservations (ADRs).

It’s always too hot and too crowded to visit

If you’ve only ever been to Disney World in the summer then I can see why you consider this a problem. But, it’s still totally, utterly wrong! Will Disney World always have a crowd? Most likely. But, there are so many times you can go where the weather is nice and the crowds are light, especially around the Fall. In fact, this is your author’s most preferred time to go. Yes, there are some drawbacks (shorter park hours, more ride closures) but as a whole, the lack of crowds and cooler days make it so very worthwhile. Check out a crowd calendar to see when the best time to visit is.

It’s way too expensive

Ok, you got me there. It is expensive. But, there is a reason that other theme parks charge half as much to get in and it is because they’re half as good, half as maintained, and half as imaginative. Try not to think of it as being twice as expensive as some other trip, think of it as being double the quality of other options.

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