I probably should have done this around Halloween but I had the idea a little too late. Recently I was watching Walking Dead (great show!) and I thought… if I happened to be at Walt Disney World when the zombie apocalypse kicked off, where would be the best places to wait it out? It was an interesting idea and I decided to put my thoughts down on paper. These are actually in no particular order so I’d love for my readers to vote (via the comments) on which one they’d pick!

#1 – Living with the Land

living_with_the_land_history1The first thing that came to mind was food and water – something you’ll definitely need if you want to wait out the apocalypse successfully. For that reason, Living with the Land is a great selection since it houses a ton of fruits and vegetables that grow there. It even has some fish farms for much needed protein. All in all, from a food and water perspective, this is THE place to be in EPCOT.

But, Living with the Land is not without its drawbacks, too. The one that comes to mind immediately is its vulnerability to infiltration by zombies. It has a lot of entrances and exits connected to it, that means you’d need a pretty big group to defend it which could be difficult. There’s also lots of nooks and crannies where zombies could hide out if they got in.

#2 – Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier Steakhouse is not quite as bountiful in terms of food and water, but my guess is their kitchen has a nice big freezer and pantry that contain enough stuff to keep you alive for a while. And, of course, all the equipment you’d need to cook it (assuming power stayed on… hmm…). In addition to a decent food stockpile, the advantage of Le Cellier is that it is basically a basement. Assuming there is some kind of back entrance, that means there are only two entry points to guard against zombies. And, if it was infiltrated, you could pretty quickly escape to the Canada Pavilion caverns and hide out in the Circle vision Canada theater.

One of the downsides of this location, I think, would be cabin fever. It isn’t a huge space, so if you had a lot of people it may get real crammed real quickly.

#3 – Mexico Pavilion

5989230824_3ff86ab427_zThis may actually be my personal favorite. First, it’s also got a restaurant in there, so the advantage of a food stockpile and working kitchen would be very handy. It’s also probably just got two (maybe three) entry points, which makes it easy to defend. All in all, it is a lot like Le Cellier in these regards but with one big advantage: way more space! Inside the Mexico Pavilion, you’ve got the boat ride, the restaurant, and the little shopping area. It’s got a lot more space to spread out in and a lot more stuff to keep you entertained during those boring days of merely surviving the apocalypse.

In addition to that, though, is that you could also stake someone out at the very top of the outside pyramid to keep an eye out for zombie hostiles. If you had a radio, it would be a great pre-warning system. And, it would give you a chance to venture out for supplies while someone kept a nice lookout.

#4 – Spaceship Earth

In terms of defense, this may be the best pick. I mean, holed up inside a giant golf ball is a pretty secure way to wait on the zombies. Although, the exit could potentially be a drawback. Either way, if you’re able to lock down the bottleneck entry points, this place would be pretty secure. The huge downsides here would of course be access to food and water. No restaurant attached, which means you’d have to venture out pretty frequently to get supplies. Unlike Mexico Pavilion, too, there is no easy way to keep a lookout while out for supplies.

 #5 – Test Track

epcot-crowds-test-trackHoling up in here would offer a pretty easy way to setup an elevated perimeter watch by simply walking around the track. This would be a great way to pick off zombies (ok, this assumes you have a gun or something, too) while they lurch towards your fort in Test Track. This also gives you a way to look out while groups go out for supplies, perhaps by scouting (and then looting) Norway and Mexico pavilions which are right next door.

The other advantage here? Access to cars! Yes, since Test Track dumps you out into (literally) a Chevy dealership, as long as they have some gas in there, too, you’ve got easy access to vehicles to traverse through EPCOT and gather supplies. A better alternative to being solely on foot.

The disadvantage to Test Track is that it doesn’t have any food and water stockpiles built in- you’d always have to scavenge for. The other disadvantage would be more than a few entry points which you have to protect. Thankfully, I think Test Track’s advantages help balance out these disadvantages.

Am I the only one who ever thinks about stuff like this? Which of these would you pick? Or would you pick something totally different? I’d love to hear your comments. And, if you’re craving more Disney insight be sure to check out these other fun articles:

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