I probably should have done this around Halloween but I had the idea a little too late. Recently I was watching Walking Dead (great show!) and I thought… if I happened to be at Walt Disney World when the zombie apocalypse kicked off, where would be the best places to wait it out? It was an interesting idea and I decided to put my thoughts down on paper. These are actually in no particular order so I’d love for my readers to vote (via the comments) on which one they’d pick!

#1 – Living with the Land

living_with_the_land_history1The first thing that came to mind was food and water – something you’ll definitely need if you want to wait out the apocalypse successfully. For that reason, Living with the Land is a great selection since it houses a ton of fruits and vegetables that grow there. It even has some fish farms for much needed protein. All in all, from a food and water perspective, this is THE place to be in EPCOT.

But, Living with the Land is not without its drawbacks, too. The one that comes to mind immediately is its vulnerability to infiltration by zombies. It has a lot of entrances and exits connected to it, that means you’d need a pretty big group to defend it which could be difficult. There’s also lots of nooks and crannies where zombies could hide out if they got in.

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