Disney World is expensive and we all know it (not that it stops any of us from going). There are some obvious ways to cut costs during a Disney World trip like staying at a value resort or eating exclusively at quick service restaurants. But, I wanted to share some other cool ways to save money that may not have occurred to people.

#1 – Instead of renting a room, rent DVC points instead

For those of you not familiar with DVC, it stands for Disney Vacation Club and it’s their time share program. Many of the resorts at Disney World have a DVC component. Even better for you, it’s not that hard to rent points from existing DVC members using any number of services. I have never done this before personally, so instead of supporting any particular service, click here to see the best results from Google.

#2 – Stock up on Gift Cards (from the right place)

gift cardsThis isn’t always a sure thing, but sometimes Costco or Sam’s Club will sell Disney gift cards for a slight discount. If you know you’re going to Disney, there is nothing wrong with buying hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards and then using it to book your trip (and throughout the trip, as well) and saving a little bit in the process. Usually it may be something like “$50 of Disney gift cards for $45”. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you buy $1,000 worth of gift cards you actually save $100 – enough to fund a nice meal at one of your favorite restaurants. (Read reviews of two of my favorites: Le Cellier Steakhouse and Liberty Tree Tavern)

#3 – Find some (legit) ticket discounts

Traditionally, Disney does not offer many discounts on the ticket component but there are a number of strategies you can partake that may help. MouseSavers.com always has some great, reliable suggestions. TicketsAtWork.com may also have discounted tickets but not always guaranteed. While this is a reputable ticket vendor, always approach with extreme caution for anyone else online who is trying to sell discounted Disney World tickets. AAA members, active military and tour groups of 10+ can get discounted tickets (through Disney).

#4 – Skip the car rental

a-magical-weekendWhen you stay on site at Disney World there is no real need for a car rental unless you’re going to venture to Universal Studios Orlando (or something else). Disney’s Magical Express will get you directly from Orlando airport to your hotel, and the Disney transportation network (buses, monorails, boats) will easily get you from the hotel to the parks and back every day.

#5 – Buy the stuff with huge mark up before your trip

There are a lot of things that could apply here but a few in particular come to mind. First and foremost, we’re talking about things that are easy to pack but are way more expensive inside the park than outside. Some specific examples: throw away ponchos, glow sticks for the kids, individually packaged snacks for inside the park, Disney trading pins (make sure they’re genuine before you buy online though), and more. If you saved a few bucks on each of these items, for a family of four, you could easily save $100 before your trip – that’s another nice meal you just paid for.

Creative way to save money when you visit the Mouse? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments, too! And, if you’re craving more Disney insight be sure to check out these other fun articles:

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