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What Disney Didn’t Announce at D23 2017

Yesterday we got a *TON* of amazing announcements during the Parks & Resort Session at D23. What I want to talk about in this blog, though, are the things they didn’t announce! Some of these things are rumors we’ve heard elsewhere, and other things are just general things that I think is in need of some attention. I’ll use the same list-like format I did yesterday.

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Tremendous Disney Updates from D23 Expo

Today from 3-4.30 PM PDT was the Disney Parks and Resorts session at D23. Needless to say, they announced A LOT of amazing things. Here is a list of everything that got announced (and perhaps with some minor commentary in parenthesis, too).

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Art Smith’s Southern Restaurant set for 2016 Launch in Disney Springs

According to Disney Parks Blog, there is another new restaurant coming to Disney Springs in 2016. It’s also owned by another famous TV chef, in this case Art Smith who has completed the tri-fecta of TV cooking: “Iron Chef America,” “Top Chef” and “Top Chef Masters.” In additon, he’s also been Oprah’s Chef so that’s cool. The restaurant will have a Southern flare and will include a Southern Shine bar for tasty spirits and cocktails.

Upcoming Pixar Release Dates

It's going to be a fun few years for Pixar films!
It’s going to be a fun few years for Pixar films!

Soarin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania are expanding at Walt Disney World

Disney announced today, via their blog, that both Soarin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania would be expanded at Walt Disney World, to be complete by late 2016. Full details from the Disney Parks Blog, quoted below:

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Disney Cruise Ships and Parks to include EpiPen stations

Earlier this month, Disney announced it would be including EpiPen(TM) stations across its parks and cruise ships. They will also include these stations locations in their park maps so that anyone with severe allergies has quick, easy access to the life saving devices. Even though I don’t suffer from severe food allergies, I think it is really cool that Disney tries to get ahead of things like this and be proactive instead of reactive. Source

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Disney News Weekly Roundup: 10/31/2014

Every week we enjoy countless Disney articles, blogs, announcements, rumors, and legends. I do my best to read a lot of them so every Friday I pick my favorite tid-bits to share with you fellow Disney Dorks and I sort them a bit so you can immediately hone in on what really matters to you! Without further a do…

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See ya later, Sorcerer’s Hat!

Well, it’s official. The Sorcerer’s Hat at Hollywood Studios is officially leaving as of January, 2015. I have to be honest, the hat never bothered me. I know, I know, everyone seems to HATE that hat? I guess I just never understood why it bothered people so much. Is the view of the Chinese Theater replica cooler? Probably. Is it enough to get heated over? I don’t think so. But, to each their own. I neither loved nor hated the hat, so I am not feeling any emotion either way about its removal. But, here is a great pic of it for old time’s sake:

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Farewell, Studio Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios

This summer there has been a lot of announcements about things closing (and opening) at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The Maelstrom / Frozen announcement probably got the most press (and biggest opinions). American Idol Experience closing didn’t get too much buzz and I am actually still confused if Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular is actually closing or not [readers?]. Another ride on the chopping block, and in fact, set to close it’s doors forever tomorrow (Saturday, Sep 27th) is the Studio Backlot Tour at Hollywood Studios.

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