Hello everyone! I hope your quarantine is treating you well. I know we’re all looking for ways to waste a little bit of time so I thought it might be fun to do a couple Disney videos. For this idea, I am going to answer questions that I got on Quora and Twitter here via video (instead of just typing it).

But, this time I’ve done something a little bit unique, too! Instead of reading the questions beforehand, I had my wife view the questions and write them down for me. That means I’ll only see them for the first time right here right now I thought that might make this a little bit more suspenseful so I’ve got four questions they are all about Disneyland (not California Adventure). Enjoy the video, and if you want to try and GUESS my answers, the questions and some hints are below the fold (and the answers are at the very end):


Question #1: What is a ride you never end up doing?

My answer is a little bit blasphemous, as this is a fan and kid favorite, but I often find the line is way too long to justify waiting, even if you rope drop it.

Question #2: What is the worst roller coaster in Disneyland?

I guess this kind of depends how you define worst. I guess going to approach it as similar to the last question what roller coaster do I just not make time for and the answer to that is also gonna be a bit blasphemous. I love how this coaster looks and it’s a great weenie (as Walt would call it). It’s iconic. I really enjoy the scenery during the ride, too, but the ride itself is prohibitively painful! My back hurts, my butt hurts, my neck hurts…  everything hurts after I get off this ride. I feel like I need to immediately go to a chiropractor and get readjusted.

Question #3: If you could bring back any attraction to Disneyland what would it be?

This is actually super easy. It’s a calm, relaxing ride which still exists (and which I always look forward to) at Disney World. It’s just a nice, breezy, relaxing ride and I definitely miss it at Disneyland.

Question #4: What is your guiltiest pleasure food at Disneyland?

That’s also a little bit subjective I guess how you would define guilty pleasure but I would do it one of two ways. The first guiltiest pleasure is super sweet and sugary, and has a really cute shape. I can’t resist them, sometimes getting six or even twelve. Do I regret it later? Sometimes. But it’s worth it.

A close second, though, is something that’s just genuine Americana. A true American icon slathered with another American icon. It’s so good, and even if I’ve just had a full meal at somewhere amazing like Carthay Circle, when I walk by this shop I can’t resist. I find the room to have one!


Alright, those are the four fan questions I answer in this video and the hints. Do you have your answers written down? Ok, here are the answers:

#1 – Peter Pan

#2 – Matterhorn

#3 – People Move

#4 – Mickey Shaped Biegnets, and Mac n’ Cheese Hot Dog (at Casey’s Corner).