Disney has a lot of their own terms for things. Since communication is key, especially when interacting with cast members, I thought it would be helpful to outline some of the most common terms that you’ll encounter:

  • Cast member: this is a Disney employee
  • Attraction: this is a ride or show
  • ADR: Short for “advanced dining reservations”
  • FP+ or FP: Short for FastPass+ or FastPass, respectively
  • Passport: Your ticket to get into the park.
  • Annual Passport: This is what Disney calls a season pass.
  • Imagineer: The people who work for Disney that design and build the parks and attractions.
  • Backstage: Places in the parks that guests are not allowed to visit, so only the cast members (or people on a paid tour) get there.
  • DVC: Short for Disney Vacation Club, which is their time share program
  • Extra Magic Hours: On any given day one (or some) of the Disney Parks will either open an hour early or close an hour late. Only certain guests (namely those staying at Disney Resort hotels) get to use these extra magic hours.
  • Magic Band: The band you wear on your wrist that keeps digital copies of your park tickets, hotel key, fast passes, dining reservations, and more.
  • My Disney Experience: the mobile app you use while visiting.
  • Magical Express: the free bus service between Disney Resort hotels and the Orlando airport.
  • Memory Maker: the photography service that Disney offers
  • Mousekeeping: the cleaning staff who do the rooms at Disney Resort hotels
  • Rope Drop: The official term for when a park opens.
  • Table Service: a restaurant that you sit down and are served by staff at.
  • Counter Service (or Quick Service): a restaurant where you order at a counter, take your food away on a tray, and find a table to eat at.
  • Utilidoors: the tunnel system underneath the Magic Kingdom that cast members use to get around backstage.
  • Protein Spill: this is the “code” cast members use on their walkie talkies when a guest has vomited. Yes, I saved my favorite for last.

Any other terms you think I should add here? This article’s genesis was from a question someone asked me on Quora, where I am a top Disney writer.

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