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I know that if people got to pick which land came to Walt Disney World first that most would far prefer Star Wars Land or Marvel Land. But, for my money, the franchise I’d most love to see get its own land is Indiana Jones! It was, by far, my favorite trilogy as a young lad and I love the mystique to this day. So I’d like to present my vision for Indy Land, coming to Walt Disney World someday soon (I hope). First, let’s talk everyone’s favorite, attractions, where I envision these staples…

  1. Temple Race: A roller coaster that follows the look and feel of the mine train race scene from Temple of Doom. It would start slow and then soon start to race out of control, complete with some kind of wall of water effects following you towards the end.
  2. Canal Chase: We’d take the motorboats from the Venice canal scene in Last Crusade and put it on a track, but a very high speed track. The boats would hover just above the water and quickly cruise around a Venice backdrop while the bad (well, the good guys) chase behind. Complete with racing between two massive cruise ships.
  3. Escape with the Ark: This would be a motion simulator ride, where everyone boards the truck that’s transporting the Ark, a la Raiders of the Lost Ark. We’d race through the canyon’s hills with lots of bumps in the road along the way.
  4. Bavarian Motorbikes: People would sit two to a motorcycle, just like Indy and his Father did in the Last Crusade. They’d zip around the German countryside and hills in their motorcycle will evading bad guys and the like. Half indoors half outdoors would add to the fun.

indiana-jones-last-crusade-560Second, I’d supplement these awesome attractions with some walking experiences, a lot like Animal Kingdom’s walking tours:

  1. The Holy Grail: A trail you can follow that mimics the final scenes of the Last Crusade. Participate in the trials, explore the caverns, take a leap of faith between the canyons, etc. It would be a blast.
  2. Pankot Palace: Explore all of Pankot Palace From Temple of Doom, where you can explore the palace and some of its caves. Complete with the famous rope bridge (that would shake) at the end.
  3. The Caves: The opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, complete with boulders that fall (harmlessly, of course) and traps that spring.

Third, I’d want cool places to eat:

  1. U-Boat Bunker: You’d eat in the U-boat pen that Indiana finds himself in during Raiders of the Lost Ark. The restaurant would be inside the pen, but there would be water and open-top U-boats that cruise around the premises slowly.
  2. Sallah’s House: You’d wine and dine in a restaurant that looked and felt like Sallah’s house, also from Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  3. Zeppelin’s: This would be themed just like inside the Zeppelin scene from Last Crusade, complete with HD screens that made it seem like you were actually flying around with the sky above and Germany below.

1-12-51bIn addition to these attractions, walk-through attractions and restaurants, I’d also heavily integrate the MagicBand into this experience but in my imagination, MagicBands have been heavily upgraded to include sound. When you passed by certain markers, your MagicBand may say something like “Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?” and other fun direct interaction between you, the guest, and the entire Indiana Jones Land.

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