Obviously I love Disney like everyone else who reads this blog. But, like all Disney lovers (well, most Disney lovers) there are still places I’d love to see some improvement. I previously wrote an article on the Five Major Changes I’d love to see in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. I tried to adapt this to the other lands but I realized that I couldn’t think of five things per land that I wanted to changed. But, there was one big thing in Disneyland I am really craving and that is a new track for the Matterhorn!

mhb319312LARGEAs a kid I used to love the Matterhorn – it may have even been my favorite! But, as an adult with legs that are a bit longer, the Matterhorn is both a kneecap and back and neck breaker. I understand that when it was built it was revolutionary roller coaster technology, but that time has passed and now it’s the bumpiest thing in Disneyland. To the point where I don’t even ride it anymore, which is a shame, because I really did enjoy it. I think Disney should put some money aside, close this beloved ride for six months, and redo the track with newer, smoother roller coaster track technology. It would be a much welcomed treat, I think, to Disneyland lovers!

Does anyone else wish Matterhorn would get a new track? I’d love to hear your comments. And, if you’re craving more Disney insight be sure to check out these other fun articles:

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