As promised it’s time for day 3 of the Positivity Challenge Disney style. Be sure to catch day 1 and day 2 if you missed them. Let’s start today off with a splash…

Getting a bit wet on a hot day

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How soaked you get can either be a major bummer or a nice refreshing change of pace on a hot day. The key really is to get just wet enough to cool you down without drenching you entirely (looking at you, Kali River Rapids). As long as the socks, shoes and butt remain relatively unscathed, then usually this is easy to accomplish (especially on Splash Mountain) where you get a nice cool off during a hot day.

Blue Bayou


Blue Bayou is officially my favorite Disneyland Resort restaurant… and possibly one of my all-time Disney restaurants across their parks. The ambiance is just so cool – watching the Pirates boats cruise by while enjoying the Louisiana Farm house feel and the occasional shooting star. And, even though their famed Monte Cristo sandwich isn’t on my list of favorite dishes (I just don’t like Monte Cristo sandwiches, so nothing against Disney’s version) the menu still offers plenty of variety and pretty big portions, I must say, too! If you’ve never done Blue Bayou, it is an absolute must at Disneyland and make sure to make reservations for off hours (the first hour its open, or the weird 2-3pm range) so that you can request a table right by the water’s edge.

Hidden Mickeys


The level of detail and imagination that goes into just hiding these things is often mind boggling. But they’re so fun to search for and point out to people when you find them. My lovely girlfriend enjoys nothing more than finding a Hidden Mickey before I do (and she usually does). It’s also fun debating about whether something that could be a Hidden Mickey actually is or not (for example, it’s kind of Mickey shaped but might not have been intentionally placed by Imagineering). If you’re really into it, you can even buy guides to help you find them.

Ok, readers – that’s my day three. Any special memories that relate to these choices? I’d love to hear ’em!

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