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When is the best time to visit Disneyland or Disney World?

Every Disney vacation starts with that fundamental question: when is the best time to visit Disneyland or Disney World? Now, there are many variables to this question, things like:

  • What kind of weather do you do best in?
  • What kinds of prices do you want to pay for resorts?
  • Do you want to be there during a festival or special event?
  • How crowded or empty do you like the parks to be?
  • Do you like visiting with decorations up?

These are all absolutely crucial questions to ask and sometimes its really hard to find the answer. But, if you do some digging, you’ll find that a few people have put together some pretty helpful resources that help you answer these questions so I’ve decided to try and aggregate a few of them here for you.

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Blue Bayou at Disneyland: A Review

Everyone seemed to really enjoy my restaurant review for Liberty Tree Tavern in Walt Disney World, so I decided to do another restaurant review for one of my favorite experiences at Disneyland Resort: Blue Bayou. Due to my love of the place, I find it almost shocking how many times I’ve been chatting with people about Disneyland who know about Blue Bayou but have never opted to eat there! Simply not knowing about it is one thing, but knowing about it and still never trying it? Mind boggling. So I’ve decided to write this review in an effort to try and inform people on what they’re missing!

Note: if you’re looking for an overview of all the Disney reviews I’ve done (which can help provide context for scoring) give my review index a quick glimpse.

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Five cool things you may not know about the Disneyland Hotel

I know that everyone who loves Disneyland probably also loves the Disneyland Hotel even if staying there is only sort of a fantasy for “one day”. Whether you stay there or not, there’s still a lot of cool things to explore either way and I thought it would be fun to outline five cool things about the Disneyland Hotel that most people may not know about.

#1 – Was not originally owned by Disney

In fact, not only was the Disneyland Hotel not originally owned by Disney, but they didn’t purchase it until 1988! When it was constructed in 1955, it was owned by oil millionaire Jack Wrather and his wife, the actress Bonita Granville. Walt Disney actually asked Wrather to build the holel when he had exhausted his own credit building Disneyland. When Walt tried to buy the hotel back later, Wrather refused. The Walt Disney company finally acquired the hotel when it purchased the Wrather Corporation in 1988.

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Positivity Challenge Disney Style – Day 3

As promised it’s time for day 3 of the Positivity Challenge Disney style. Be sure to catch day 1 and day 2 if you missed them. Let’s start today off with a splash…

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Five major changes I’d love to see at Disneyland Resort’s Tomorrowland

The addition of Cards Land has definitely helped invigorate California Adventure in the way that I think Disney originally hoped it would be. Anytime California Adventure gets better, Disneyland Resort as a whole gets better, too, but I think it’s time Disneyland itself enjoyed a few major overhauls. For this particular article I am going to focus only on the things I think could really use some attention in Tomorrowland. So without further ado, these are the five major changes I’d love to see at Disneyland Resorts’ Tomorrowland:

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Quick Review of Refurbished Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyland

I recently go to head to Disneyland for a day with my lovely girlfriend, Leslie. We were there in May 2013 and were pretty bummed that Thunder Mountain was closed for a (long) refurbishment, so we were pretty stoked when we returned in May 2014 and it had reopened.

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