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Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World: A Review

I was in the Walt Disney World area again a few weeks ago for a work event, so of course I convinced a few of my colleagues to visit my favorite place with me. To keep costs down for everyone, we decided to stay at the Pop Century Resort, which is one of the value resorts. I’ll judge every resort on property with the same rubric, so that scores are consistent, but be sure to read the details for score details. Let’s see what I thought…

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Shutters at Caribbean Beach: A Review

There are a ton of awesome-looking restaurants at Disney World resorts we’d love to try. Up to this point, we’ve really only tried a few so whenever we stay at a new resort we make sure we at least try out their restaurant. Our recent stay at Caribbean Beach Resort meant we got to give Shutters a try. See what we thought…

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Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World: A Review

One day I hope to have written a review for every single resort at Walt Disney World. Each one has their own charm and theme, and I can’t wait to try them all. For our recent trip to Disney World, we decided to try out the Caribbean Beach Resort. Without further ado, here’s what we thought…

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Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World: A Review

I’ve done a few restaurant reviews (Liberty Tree Tavern, Le Cellier Steakhouse) because dining is pretty much one of my favorite parts of a Disney stay. It may surprise people, but the resort itself is somewhat less important to me since typically it’s only a place to sleep or nap in between time at the parks. I am notoriously bad at not even scheduling a “pool day”. But, I can’t lie, I’m always mesmerized by the detail of each resort I’ve stayed at and how much fun it is to explore and so today I’d like to explore the Coronado Springs Resort.

Note: if you’re looking for an overview of all the Disney reviews I’ve done (which can help provide context for scoring) give my review index a quick glimpse.

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Resort hopping at Disney World

Nothing would make me happier than to stay at (literally) all the Walt Disney World resort hotels at least once. But, unless I end up taking like 20 trips, this may be kind of a challenge. I live in California, so when I do go to Disney World, it’s usually one 6+ day trip every year or two. Thus, it would take a lot of trips to knock out all the hotels I want to see. For those of us who like to be a little adventurous, though, you can actually stay at different resorts for different parts of your trip! It takes a little coordination but I thought it would be helpful to outline some of the details of resort hopping.

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