One of my followers on Quora recently posed this question: Would it be fun to visit every Disney Park in the world on one vacation? I decided this would be a fun opportunity to record another video to respond, which I did, here:

But for those who’d rather read, follow me below the fold…

Now, right now wouldn’t be the time to do it. Obviously the parks aren’t even all open right now. But let’s assume we’re back to normal times. Let me tell you why I’d love to park hop across the world!

It’s true that there are a number of Disneyland clones across the world, so Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tokyo Disneyland all have a lot of similarities to one another. In that regard, you might worry that doing all these parks on one vacation would end up being boring and repetitive. Well, let me tell you why that’s not the case!

First, even though Disneyland in Anaheim is the blueprint for all of them, they do all share special differences and nuances. For example, Pirates of the Carribean in Disneyland has more drops than at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. And Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom has an indoor cave area, whereas Disneyland does not. Then there are also varying recreations of the same concept like Tower of Terror. The original lives in on Orlando, but in Anaheim it’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy, and in Tokyo it’s the Hightower Hotel. So, each park has their own unique charms to discover. And this might be extra fun when you’re doing the parks back to back.

Second, despite the Disneyland clones, most of these resorts also have additional parks that are unique. Anaheim has California Adventure, Tokyo has Disney Sea, Paris has Studios, and Walt Disney World has Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Springs!! So, there is ALWAYS going to be something new and exciting to try out even while going back to back.

To hightlight a few good examples, the new Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge land, for example, you’ll only find that in Anaheim and Orlando. Or Radiater Springs, which is an amazing recration of the land from Cars, at California Adventure in Anaheim. The Journey to the Center of the Earth is only in Tokyo. For now, the Tron Lightcycle is only in Shanghai, though they’re building it in Orlando now, too. Bottom line: every location has plenty of unique attractions to keep you busy throughout your worldwide tour.

Third, each park has their own special food and drinks that you can try. Tokyo Disney in particular has a lot of really fun, local food. One that stands out, these little bon bon desserts that are themed to the Aliens in Toy Story. But seriously, each park has so many unique foods and drinks to try. Whether it’s eating or drinking around the world in EPCOT, or the bakeries in Disneyland Paris, or the local Chinese bites at Shanghai, the food alone will keep things entertaining.

The fourth reason, which is related to the third, is the restaurants. There are so so so many Disney places to eat. Granted, you’d easily gain 50 pounds on this Disney around the world trip, but I think it would be worth it. You could try Victoria and Alberts at Disney World, and Carthay Circle at California Adventure. You could do Magellan’s at Tokyo Disney and the Royal Banquet Hall at Shanghai Disneyland. You could basically have Advanced Dining Reservations for half a year if you wanted to do them all!

The fifth and final reason for me would be the hotels. Each resort has their own fun hotels to try, so while you’re park hopping around the world you could stay at the Grand Californian in Anaheim, then the Polynesian at Disney World, then the Hotel Mira Costa in Tokyo Disney which is basically INSIDE Tokyo Disney Sea. No matter which hotels you stay at, you could still go around and tour all of them and enjoy all the different styles and decorations.

So, there you have it. Five of the top reasons why, in normal times, I’d LOVE to do a park hopping adventure around the globe.