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A visit to the other side (aka, Universal Studios Hollywood)

I know, I know: total blasphemy for a Disney blogger, right? I don’t know, maybe. But, I found myself down near Universal Studios Hollywood for Thanksgiving this year– too far to easily sneak in a trip to Disneyland (which, of course, would have been my first choice) and to be honest I’ve been curious for a while to check out Universal down there. So, my wife and I seized the day and decided to check it out. Now it’s time for me to tell you all about it (or, skip to the end for the TL;DR summary).

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Why Do People Wait In Massively Long Lines?

Between Anna & Elsa at Disney parks and the new Harry Potter World at Universal, I continue to find myself flabbergasted by how many people wait in ridiculous lines. I have seen pictures and read reports that have literally made my jaw drop.

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