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Would you rather? Disney Edition Part 1

Would you rather is a super fun game to play especially while waiting in line for your favorite Disney attractions. We can’t do that right now, though, so the next best thing is Would You Rather – Disney Edition YouTube videos! YAY! I collected 14 questions from my fellow Disney YouTubers and answer them in this video. Thank you to everyone who fed me a question (and you can see all of them and their channels in the description of the YouTube video).

Craving Dole Whips? Maybe this will help…

We’re all craving our favorite Disney snacks right now. Do you miss Disney’s Dole Whips? I sure do! So when I saw Taco Bell had a Pineapple Whip Freeze on their menu I knew I had to try it! Would it be good, let alone like a Dole Whip? Time to find out!

Disney Tag – Quarantine Edition

19 Super fun questions answered about how Disney fans are getting through the quarantine:

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