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Biergarten at EPCOT: A Review

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: EPCOT is one of my favorite places to dine when I visit Walt Disney World. I mean, the options are all so much fun and so delicious that it’s often hard to narrow it down to a few during a trip. Today I’ll talk about what is probably one of my top three restaurants in EPCOT: Biergarten! If you can’t make it to the Hobrauhaus in Munich any time soon, then Biergarten is gonna be a great alternative.

Note: if you’re looking for an overview of all the Disney reviews I’ve done (which can help provide context for scoring) give my review index a quick glimpse.

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Five Fun Food Tips for Your Trip to Walt Disney World

Believe it or not, I think the food at Walt Disney World is probably my favorite part of any trip. Yes, the attractions are fun and the theming is immersive, but deep down food is my most tightly held vice. I have a hunch that I’m not the only glutton who visits Walt Disney World, so here are five food tips that I’ve learned over the years that I believe will be handy for any Disney fan.

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Positivity Challenge Disney Style – Day 2

I decided to add a little twist to this whole Positivity Challenge thing by infusing a Disney flavor to it. You can see my day 1 here. Without further a do, let’s start my 2nd day of picks with something everyone can relate to…

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